The Classic Car He Said He Was Afraid to Drive

The other day, I was at Starbucks and someone drove up with a classic car, it was a 59' Stingray, and it was immaculate in every regard. Not a week had gone by in the last two years where this gentleman had not gotten an offer from someone to buy his car. He does take it to shows quite often, and he's won numerous prizes, as it truly is that pristine. It's so nice in fact that even when the weather is absolutely perfect, he is afraid to drive it.

However, when I met him, I was sitting on the patio as he drove up, backed it in, and parked his car. The reason he backed in is that he was afraid to back out because there would be a slight chance that someone else was backing out at the same time might not see him. He took absolutely every possible precaution he could to make sure no dents or dings would hit his car. In fact, there was a shopping cart across the parking lot, and he went and took it back to the shopping cart holder just in case, interestingly enough, the wind was blowing the other direction anyhow.

As I got to talking about all this with him and his fear of driving the car he explained to me that nowadays with kids doing text messaging, and not paying attention to their driving, or soccer moms with kids in the car using a cell phone, he just didn't want to risk driving it unless the conditions were absolutely perfect, and he felt he was on guard and alert that day. I completely understand where he's coming from, and although he does have insurance, he admitted to me he can never replace the car, no matter what happened. It was his baby, and he had done much of the restoration personally.

It seems unfortunate to have such a nice car and not be able to drive it, after all that's what cars are for. He said there was nothing like driving down a two-lane highway with the top down just listening to the engine purr. I told him that I thought I saw that in a movie once or twice, and he laughed, because he had at one time rented his car out to the movie studios, but he said he would never do it again because he was afraid it might get hurt.

Yes, those are the risks of owning a classic car, and I heard it firsthand from someone who knows the fear and terror of even the slightest scratch. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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  1. i can relate in your post, i am afraid to drive too but i need to be more confident so i could have my own car soon

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  2. I have to agree with you. It’s challenging to have a classic car because of its high-maintenance requirement. No wonder this guy is so scared to drive it to avoid accidents, and as you said, to even have a scratch on it. Well, if I were in his position, I’ll definitely do the same.

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