Quintessentially Mercedes W123!

Since buying my 240D three years ago I feel a sense of pride and individuality whenever I drive it. Don't get me wrong I am not an exhibitionist, but people do look at the car first, then you as the driver. Even in the petrol station you will get people looking as they fuel up their cockroach shaped, computer designed, sensor reliant euroboxes.

I know that modern cars are ultimately reliable and a bit more economical, unless one of the many sensors goes wrong, then the whole system goes awry. However, if you are a regular visitor to scrap/breakers yards like I am, you will see hundreds of modern cars that do not appear to have anything wrong with them except that they have become too expensive to repair if the electronics go wrong.

They are also supposed to be more environmentally friendly... I don't think so! An example of this is the way they are built for example if a wheel bearing starts growling and needs to be replaced can you go to the parts emporium and buy replacement bearings? NO you can't! You have to buy a complete hub with the bearing already installed. In so doing, instead of say, paying £15 for the bearing you are now paying £45 at least for the whole thing, and the old unit goes in the bin/metal skip at the dump. So, instead of using a small amount of new steel in the bearing you now have to purchase 30% to 60% more steel in the new hub assembly.

Same applies to suspension bushes, you can't buy a new rubber bush for a wishbone, you have to buy a whole new wishbone assembly. Can you buy a new thermostat for three quid? NO you have to replace the whole thermostat housing with the new unit already installed.

HOW is that more environmentally friendly? I could go on ranting about modern cars.

With the Mercedes W123s we can still source the above parts, without having to replace the entire units.

Surely much more environmentally viable?

Throughout the world W123s are bought and sold because they are good on fuel, strong reliable and well built for the job. They have remained one of the most popular used cars both for personal and business use and I think they will remain so.

We could learn a lot from Mercedes W123s and should never forget that once cars were built to last and not just for Christmas.

Welcome W123 Enthusiasts
If you spend hours and hours on your W123s deep into the night just for fun, just like I do, and if you drive your W123s regularly, then DrMercedesW123 website is just for you!


  1. Hi,
    this is a nice looking car, sure you get the looks :)
    I've recently bought a W123 230E - at first my family thought I was nuts, now everybody wants to drive it!

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